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Why I Became a Personal Trainer

I got licensed as a personal trainer and established Herrey Fitness quite late in life. I hesitated at first, as I had just turned 50 years and I saw that the majority of trainers where half my age. Wouldn't I be too old? Who would listen to me? Yet, an inner voice prompted me to move forward, even though I didn't know all the reasons why.

Today I better understand why. Although having trained clients from all fitness areas and age groups, I have found a certain bond with those in their mid-life or older. I see them trying to reshape their lifestyle and gaining control over the body. As an "older" PT they connect easier with me. And since their journey is often a reflection of my own, I can relate better to their challenges and stand well equipped to guide them forward. I truly want to help. That is why my message to them is the same as I told myself: It's never too late to make a change. 

It's hard to put into words the joy I feel when I see someone make that life change for the better, to see how they grow in confidence, strength and joy. To be a part of that process is a huge privilege and a blessing in my life.

                                                                          Louis Herrey


Why "Power to the People"?

For me this slogan is much less political than it is personal. Because the greatest power one can possess is the one in which you have total control over your mind and body. This is an inherent freedom. People must be allowed to be in charge of their own destiny and well-being.

When I think of the word power I also think of the Swedish "kraft". This word translates in English to "power", but also to "strength". I like this dual connection: A person possessing true power is in charge of his or her life and radiates personal strength - both mental and physical.

This is the power I wish for all people, an empowerment of strength, energi, wisdom, and confidence. Everyone deserves a shot at this power, not just the elect few. Everyone deserves a chance to turn their life around, both men and women, both young and old.

Can personal training really accomplish this? Well, let's just say: Get in touch and you will find out!

Herrey Fitness is about helping ordinary people reach extraordinary results. But not through promises of quick fixes and miracle cures. Instead we focus on:


If you want to set yourself up for long-term, sustainable success, you must stand on a solid foundation. That foundation is good, secure habits. Nothing will nurture your effort as much as this.


This goes hand in hand with Habit Transformation. Slow change is lasting change. Progress is our goal, yes, but progress takes time. Working patiently, with small consistent steps, will pave the way for greater success.



hälsosam mat

About nutrition


Even if you have the right workout program you will not be successful with your fitness goals if you have the wrong approach to nutrition. You can't exercise your way out of a bad diet.

We could all wish for that magic button to push or shortcut to take in order to get that perfect physique. But none of those exists. No matter what message anyone is trying to sell you, that truth is: You need to put in the work, slowly and steady, one day at a time. (Yes, lasting change takes time.)

But although everything won't be easy, I am here to make it easier for you. I want to provide you with a resource, no matter what food preferences you might have, that will I am confident will replace some of that frustration with joy when it comes to nutrition. I simply call it:

Healthy Recipes

No deprivation. No starving. No meal-replacements. Just good tasting, ease-to-make, healthy recipes, created for those of you who care about your well-being, but also who want the freedom to enjoy good foods. It's possible to have both.


Louis Herrey

Personal Trainer

Louis is a 55 year old male from Kungsbacka, Sweden. He has been married to Angelica for 25 years, and together they have three children.

His earliest career was in the entertainment business. Louis and his brothers Per and Richard - The Herrey's - recorded five studio albums and toured large part of Europe. Winning both the Eurovision Song Contest 1984 and the Sopot International Song Festival 1985 were two career highlights.

During most of his adult life Louis has worked as a Religious Educator and Administrator. This is still his main occupation, where he focuses on spiritual development for Youth and Young Adults.

But Louis also has a sincere interest in assisting others, especially mid-lifers, in their physical development, helping them regain power and control over their own lives. Hence the slogan: Power to the People.

Herrey Fitness was established in 2018.


  • Personal Trainer

  • Nutrition Coach

  • Power Trainer

  • Endurance Trainer

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