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Habit transformation

I am ask you to make changes more slowly.
This little change has more power than you realize. 

It will help to learn any skill, from mindfulness to exercising to eating better. 

It will help form habits that are long-lasting. 

Slowing down will help you become more effective and ironically, help you reach goals faster.

Incredible transformations are best formed by going slow, at first.

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The You Are What You Eat Program

There is a lot of value in the actual act of recording what you eat. It’s a behaviour that truly takes your healthy living desires and strategies forward.

This 2-week coaching program will...

  • Help you pin-point where you can improve to achieve a goal.

  • Let you discover if you are eating too much or NOT enough.

  • Show how to adjust eating schedule for success.

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The eat your

greens program

Vitamins and minerals are vital for life and must be obtained from the diet. These nutrients come from most foods, fruits and vegetables especially.

This 2-week coaching program will... 

  • Help you get more energy with balanced vitamins/minerals.

  • Teach you how to increase fibre for a healthier gut.

  • Let you discover a healthier body with hydration via foods.

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The hydrate like an athlete program

Water is the most important nutrient in our diet. Nothing else comes close. It’s therefore a truly vital resource for the human body.

This 2-week coaching program will...

  • Show you the importance of fresh water with every meal.

  • Help you with fat loss as you increase hydration.

  • Let you discover improved focus and energy output.

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The improve your gut health program

Improve their gut health, simply by creating more awareness of how the food you eat impacts your overall health and daily well-being.

This 2-week coaching program will...

  • Help you discover what could be going wrong in your diet.

  • Solve common problems like bloating or gas.

  • Discover ways to increase health and well being.

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The stop snacking program

Snacking can reduce our natural hunger cues and ruin our appetites. This can result in irregular eating patterns and lack of eating routine. 

This 2-week coaching program will…

  • Help you eat regularly throughout the day.

  • Discover how to tune-in with hunger and fullness cues.

  • Easily help you  ‘re-connect’ with your body. 

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The eat your

carbs program

Knowing that carbs are not the enemy, this program encourages you to eat carbohydrates based on your daily activity level.

This 2-week coaching program will...

  • Teach you how to eat carbs and STILL get lean.

  • Help you discover increased energy for optimal performance.

  • Lead to improved cognitive awareness.

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THe improve your sleep program

Understanding the power of sleep and how to get as much high-quality sleep as possible is one of the healthiest things you can do.

This 2-week coaching program will... 

  • Show you how sleep reduced daily stresses.

  • Lead to improved memory and well being.

  • Teach you how to better increase daily performance. 

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The reduce your stress program

Stress holds us back from being the best we can be. Get help to reduce stress by learning effective ways of controlling it in all areas of life.

This 2-week coaching program will...

  • Help you improve relationships and your work situation.

  • Let you discover how reducing stress can optimise happiness.

  • Help you improve lifestyle and weight management.

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The protein is power program

When it comes to training and healthy living in general, there are big benefits of a balanced protein intake. Are you getting the right amount?

This 2-week coaching program will...

  • Help you reduce appetite and hunger levels.

  • Show you how to increases muscle mass and strength.

  • Help to reduce cravings and desire for late-night snacks.

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The eat healthy

fats program

Discover the incredible benefits that healthy fats can offer, including better energy, increased nutrients, improved fat loss, and enhanced meal flavour.

This 2-week coaching program will...

  • Help you get daily energy from richer sources of nutrients. 

  • Boost flavour with nutrient dense meals.

  • Show you the fat loss benefits from increased fats.

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The eat real

food program

Not eating healthy foods frequently enough, along with overeating and consuming over-processed foods, is ruining people’s health. 

This 2-week coaching program will... 

  • Teach you the effectiveness of real food.

  • Let you discover procedures to minimise processed foods.

  • Help you boost energy with increased nutrient variety.