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we are creatures of habit 


We like routine and are generally good at following guidelines and advice.

On the flip side, most of us do not do as well when we are set strict rules - these usually mean restriction and limitation.

And as the age old saying goes, rules are made to be broken.

 When it comes to health, fitness or wellness, exactly the same situation applies.

We therefore need to develop a different approach to improving our lifestyles.

What I’m talking about is…



So here’s why The Slow Change Method is so powerful…

If we can learn how to effectively form new habits, we can change or create anything we want in our diets and lifestyles.

Habits are formed when actions are tied to a trigger by consistent repetition so that when the trigger happens, you have an automatic urge to carry out the action.

For example:

  • When you wake up (trigger), you go have a shower (habit). 

  • When you get to work (trigger), you grab a coffee (habit). 

  • When you get stressed (trigger), you eat junk food (habit).


Everyday we go through this constant state of triggers followed by habits, and they happen without us even noticing. 

So how do these habits form?

  1. Through constant repetition over years.

  2. At first they were conscious efforts but with time they became more automatic and less conscious. 

  3. There is a feedback loop that encouraged us to repeat the habit for a good length of time.


For example if you feel stressed and eat junk food, you might feel short term pleasure or satisfaction (positive feedback). But if you’re stressed and stop yourself from eating the junk, you might remain stressed (negative feedback).

The body likes to take the path of least resistance, so it will consistently aim for the positive feedback, causing us to repeatedly carry out an action when the trigger occurs.

This is why improving our diet or exercise routine consistently proves so difficult for many of us.

Getting that ‘ah-ha’ feeling yet?


Then check this…

If your ‘healthy diet’ is boring and bland, then it’s unpleasant to follow (negative feedback), so when you give up and eat your favourite foods again, you enjoy it (positive feedback).

And if you currently feel like this around ANY of the changes you are making towards an improved diet or lifestyle then this feedback loop is set up to normally ensure you don’t stick to those changes for very long.

So let’s sort you out with a better approach, shall we….

The 11 Transformation Cornerstones that you find on my website have been 8 years in developing, tested and optimized to give you the most complete, proven and easy-to-follow programs for achieving incredible results through effective lifestyle strategies.

These programs makes amazing habit transformations feel natural and effortless by focusing on ONE change at a time. 


These small changes have more power than you realize. 

They will help you learn any skill, from mindfulness to exercising to eating better. 

They will help form habits that are long-lasting. 

Slowing down will help you become more effective and ironically, help you reach goals faster.


"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."

- Charles Darwin

"True life is lived when tiny changes occur"

- Leo Tolstoy

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