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  • Easy-to-make, tasty, and healthy recipes

  • Recipes for every eating preference

  • Nutritional resources and helpful tips

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Food is Your Friend


When it comes to nutrition there really are no shortcuts, no matter what message anyone's trying to sell you. It's all about finding that right mindset which will guide you to work hard and stay balanced.

But hard work does not spell suffering. It spells joy. It just means you're being consistent in caring about your health. Food is fuel for your body. Food should be your friend.

My goal is to help you develop that friendship. So no more deprivation. No more starving. No more fad diets. Just good tasting, ease-to-make, healthy recipes - and other resources - created for those of you who care about your well-being, but also who want the freedom to enjoy good foods. You can have both.

Easy. healthy. tasty.


These are the largest in content and most popular recipe packs, since they serve everyone's eating style. These Core Recipe Packs are:

  • High protein 

  • Low Carb

  • Vegetarian

  • Vegan

power recipe packs

Power up with 15 mixed, healthy and tasty recipes in each pack. Including breakfast, lunch, dinner, treat and smoothie options.

Nutritional resourses

Access all the tools you need to increase your chances of success. Includes items such as mindset training, goal setting, food preparation and handling, and valuable nutrient information.

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